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Joy Buchanan is a millennial mom and an Assistant Professor of Economics at Samford University. Her publications, mostly in behavioral and experimental economics, are listed at her website. You can also find her on Twitter at @aboutJoy

Jeremy Horpedahl is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Central Arkansas. His research has been published in Public Choice, Econ Journal WatchConstitutional Political Economy, the Atlantic Economic Journal, and Public Finance and Management. He has two young children, a wonderful wife, and the best home bar in the largest dry county in the US. Follow him on Twitter @jmhorp, if you dare.

Michael Makowsky is an economist at Clemson University. He enjoys applying the fully-baked theories of others and arriving at his own quarter-baked conclusions. Given the slightest provocation he will explain how to fix sports he himself has never played well or, often, even at all. His actual research can be found at michaelmakowsky.com.

Zachary Bartsch is an Assistant Professor at Ave Maria University. His research includes macroeconomics and economic uncertainty. You can find him on twitter at @zachary_bartsch 

James Bailey is a health economist at Providence College. He can generally be found chasing knowledge, frisbees, or his two kids. He is online at @1ArmedEconomistPursuit of Truthiness, and james-bailey.net

Vincent Geloso is an Assistant Professor of Economics at George Mason University and earned his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. Professor Geloso specializes in the measurement of living standards today and in the distant past. He combines his specialization in economic history with a specialization in political economy in order to explain differences in living standards over time and space. His most recent articles have been published in Public Choice, Explorations in Economic History, Economic Inquiry, European Review of Economic History, Contemporary Economic Policy and Southern Economic Journal.

Scott Buchanan is the inventor or co-inventor on over 100 U.S. patents. He can also be found blogging at letterstocreationists.wordpress.com

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A: We want to make the internet and the world a better place. We use this place to explore ideas that we believe are important. Read more in Always Be Posting and Be Posting Always.

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A: We are economists and professional acquaintances. We are more likely to see each other online than in person.

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A: Yes, we do. Our store has some branded swag and a joke math sorority shirt.

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