Starting to blog today

This is not a good time to start blogging. I have young children and I’m on the tenure track at a university. The current Covid pandemic has made those two things that were already hard to juggle even more difficult.

It’s just time to start writing more. This is a model that I have learned from Tyler Cowen, and most writers I admire write every day whether or not they have time for it. David Perell has tweeted that writing and thinking are the same thing. Thus, if you are a thinker, writing is not a waste of time. Writing is the thing you are doing anyway in your muddled head.

Tyler recently announced that he’s offering a prize to people who start a new blog to advance humanity and defend the liberal order. I don’t expect my new blog to save civilization. In fact, one of the reasons I haven’t started a blog sooner is that I wasn’t sure if one more blog would really improve the world.

On the other hand, as a digital information consumer, I have benefited enormously from people putting out free public content. Here are my hot takes and my experiences. Maybe I can help someone who is blogging to save civilization.

I am creating a new site because this does not precisely fit within my professional site or with my creation

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