Biden Signs Turn Into Christmas Lights

One of the many things I meant to do and did not have time for this Fall was a photo study of the political signs in my neighborhood. I did snap a few pictures, such as this one of a conservative house:

The next one is not a Biden/Harris sign, but they are supporting the Democrat senator Doug Jones.

The Biden signs far outnumbered the Trump signs. It’s a safe assumption that most Trump voters did not put out signs.

Tonight, you cannot tell which households supported which candidate. I think my election photo journalism failure might actually turn into a different story. Observe this street

Something CUTE that my Alabama neighbors do is put up an outdoor Christmas tree with white lights, like so:

When you drive down a street past dozens of these in a row, the effect is wonderful (and hard to capture adequately with my phone camera). It’s neither a political statement nor an anti-political statement. It’s a community that thrives despite their differences. This is something beautiful they do to enjoy together.

Like many neighborhoods, we also have “that house”:

File under “yes-in-my-front-yard”.

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