I have seen a Trump boat parade

Are boat parades a previously underexploited means of advertising? I quickly Googled Trump boat parades before posting this and found that just about every news outlet in the country, large and small, posted about them recently. They get noticed.

I was at a harber town in Florida for the weekend and you notice the Trump boats. I saw one large yacht with a cut out of President Trump and Melania on the deck. When the boat is going away from you it almost looks like Mr. & Mrs. are on board.

I’m the kind of person who likes to ask obnoxious questions. I asked a boat captain who works in the harbor if he had ever seen a Biden boat. He laughed at me. No. In case you were wondering, although many Americans plan to vote for Biden, none have rigged up a Biden boat to compete with the Trump regatta.

I am reminded of a classic movie “The King & I” in which the young prince says that his first act as king will be to order a celebration with fireworks and boat races.

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