Video: Joy Presents Two Experimental Papers to a Macro Class

Here are some show notes to a talk I gave in April 2023. I had the opportunity to talk to an undergraduate macroeconomics class at Indiana University East.

Minute Topic
2:00Research on Behavioral economics and Macroeconomics
4:25Labor Market Equilibrium Concepts and Incomplete Labor Contracts
6:50The Gift Exchange Game and the Fair Wage-Effort Theory
13:00Recessions and Downward Wage Rigidity
19:00Presenting my Experimental Study “If Wages Fell During a Recession” in 13 minutes
32:00-33:00How question raised in “If Wages Fell During a Recession” pointed the way to the Reference Point paper
33:00 – 41:00Presenting my Experimental Study “My Reference Point, Not Yours” in 8 minutes
41:00-44:00Conclusion of “My Reference Point, Not Yours” and tying it back to macroeconomics

The “If Wages Fell…” paper directly inspired the “My Reference…” experiment. But I don’t cite “If Wages Fell…” in “My Reference…,” so you would never know how closely they are connected unless you listen to this talk.