Joy’s Cartoon is in a French Textbook

This is my day in the sun. A decade ago, I started Back then, I knew that my dream job was “economics professor”, but I was years away and also thousands of miles away from where I am now. I have barely updated the site since 2011, but every now and then new people find it. My hope has always been that it would be both helpful and happy.

A French publisher reached out to me and asked for permission to use one of my cartoons in their workbooks that will reach actual French students. I was delighted to say yes.

Allons-y! With their permission, I reproduce the page that has my picture:

© Studio Humensis

Here is my best shot at an Amazon link for the book. Also here. It’s a preparation book for the “Grand Oral” exam.

If you would like to see the original cartoon with English labels, it’s at

The Photos page of my website is a collection of images and internet memes. When I look at it now, one thing that stands out to me is how dated the memes feel. It makes me want to tell the young people today that I was hip once. Typing on top of cat pictures was the pinnacle of viral internet humor at the time, and I wanted to use that power for good. Cats like to “nom nom” food. Get it? I’m not sure how many of the youth even know that anymore.

I never would have guessed that meme culture would gain so much more momentum over the past decade! I wouldn’t say the trend is entirely good. I mostly want this post to be about what I consider to be a personal success (my picture is in print), so I will not take that point any further today.

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