Alabama Demographic Change

According to the 2020 Census, Alabama’s population grew by 5% since 2010. Recently, the death rate started to exceed the birth rate in Alabama, as I think it has in most states. Tom Spencer of PARCA reports that most of the population growth in Alabama was driven by people migrating to the state. From 2011 to 2016, those new people were mostly immigrants from other countries. International migration slowed down in 2017, but that is exactly when Alabama experienced a surge (well, a few tens of thousands of people) in domestic migration. I arrived, as it happens, precisely at the start of the domestic migration surge. See my earlier post on the nice weather here.

It’s pretty humid currently in mid-summer. Could that be why Alabamians take summer vacation so seriously? This place really shuts down around the 4th of July so that people can be undisturbed at “the lake”.

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