Recent Podcasts about Data Analytics

My students recently assembled a list of podcasts about data analytics that are a click away if this is a topic of interest.

The show they pulled from the most was In Machines We Trust produced by the MIT Technology Review.

Attention Shoppers, You’re Being Tracked

Hired by an Algorithm” (“I would recommend this podcast to anyone who will be applying for a job in the near future.”)

Encore: When an Algorithm Gets It Wrong

Can AI Keep Guns out of Schools

How retail is using AI to prevent fraud

Other episodes, not from In Machines We Trust:

More or Less Behind the Statistics: Can we use maths to beat the robots?  (Might be of interest to the folks who like to debate “new math” in schools.)

How Data Science Enables Better Decisions at Merck

Data Science at Home: State of Artificial Intelligence 2022

Emoji as a Predictor – Data skeptic

Data Skeptic: Data Science Hiring Process 

True Machine Intelligence just like the human brain” (Ep. 155)

How to Thrive as an Early-Career Data Scientist” – Super Data Science

No matter how you feel about intelligent machines, you’ll be talking to them soon.

They are delivering food already.

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