The Eagles are going to win*

I like Patrick Maholmes and, all else equal, prefer the Kansas City fan base if for no other reason than they seem less interested in settting things on fire.

But alas, the Eagles are probably going to win because the value of quarterback play became so dominant that the incentives to innovate and invest in alternative strategies has finally resulted in an equilibrium where the opposing team is dominant in every other area of play. Which is a long-winded way of saying that annoying old people who rail on about line play, running the ball, and defense, who have been consistently wrong about everything for 20 years, finally get to have their moment in the sun and say “I told you so” and you, smart person who values your mental health, will simply smile and nod and not take the bait to argue with them further.

Or maybe Maholmes’s ankle is back to 70% and they win? Who knows? We’re talking about a sport that, 19 games deep, is almost entirely determined by the two interacting random probability generators: injuries and general luck.

Enjoy the excuse to socialize and eat junk food, which for many of us is 90% of the utility proposition in watching the game.


One thought on “The Eagles are going to win*

  1. Joy February 12, 2023 / 4:55 pm

    Way to put down a prediction! As someone who grew up near Philly, I have a lot of friends hoping for this outcome!


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