Video of Joy Buchanan on Tech Jobs and Who Will Program

Here are some show notes for a keynote lecture to a general audience in Indiana. This was recorded in April 2023.

Minute Topic
2:00“SMET” vs STEM Education – Does Messaging Matter?  
(Previous blog post on SMET)
5:00Is Computer Programming a “Dirty Job”? Air conditioning, compensating differentials, and the nap pods of Silicon Valley  
(post on the 1958 BLS report)
7:50Wages and employment outlook for computer occupations
10:00Presenting my experimental research paper “Willingness to be Paid: Who Trains for Tech Jobs?” in 23 minutes  

Motivation and Background 10:00 – 15:30
Experimental Design         15:30 – 22:00
Results                    22:00 – 30:00
Discussion                 30:00 – 33:30
33:50Drawbacks to tech jobs  

See also my policy paper published by the CGO on tech jobs and employee satisfaction
35:30The 2022 wave of layoffs in Big Tech and vibing TikTok Product Managers  

I borrowed a graph on Tech-cession from Joey Politano and a blog point from Matt Yglesias, and of course reference the BLS.
39:00Should You Learn to Code? (and the new implications of ChatGPT)  

Ethan Mollick brought this Nature article to my attention. 
Tweet credits to @karpathy and @emollick
48:00Q&A with audience

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