Running on Fumes

Friday afternoon has come and gone, we’re now into the evening, and I am just now writing a product review. I nearly cast dispersions on our blog name, “Economists Writing Everyday”! It won’t be a lengthy product review and my wit-producing engine is bereft of gas. It’s been that kind of week. I am torn between reviews of booze and theology …

There is something wonderful about the charm of making classic cocktails and also putting a twist on them. My favorite drink is an Old Fashioned and I like the weight of a quality glass, the large ice cube (I’ll have to check out Jeremy’s recommendation!), the quality of these cherries, and I enjoy experimenting with different bitters that put a twist on the classic cocktail. For example, my recent favorite combination involves black walnut bitters and chocolate bitters. Your mileage may vary.

One wonderful treasure that I discovered this summer was the series of books, “The Ancient Christian Commentaries on Scripture“. The 29 volume set is a whopping $1,499 on Amazon. But, you can start small and buy the different books piecemeal. These books provide a wealth of insights from the Church Fathers. The commentary on the book of Acts added a new dimension to my summer Bible study (maybe the subject of a future blog post).

Do not let the brevity and unremarkable quality of this product review undermine the wonderful products I’ve linked to. They are great and if you have someone in your life that loves theology and an Old Fashioned perhaps they might like some of these products too.

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