Workers Finally Get a Real Annual Raise

Back in December I pointed out that, thanks to slowing inflation, real wages had been rising since June 2022 (using either the CPI or the PCEPI for inflation adjustments).

With the latest monthly data, we can now report more good news for wage earners: CPI-adjusted wages have increased over the past 12 months. That had happened since 2021. In the past 12 months, wages of production and non-supervisory workers are up 5.1%, just a hair more than the annual increase in the CPI of 5.0%. It’s not much, and we’re not back to our pre-pandemic norm of 2% real wage growth. But it is more good news that we may finally getting past our post-COVID inflationary hangover.

One thought on “Workers Finally Get a Real Annual Raise

  1. Gale Pooley April 12, 2023 / 11:05 am

    Good job Jeremy,

    Wages tend to always catch up and surpass moderate inflation.

    The underlying factor is increasing knowledge discovery and productivity.
    It’s goes on in spite of wars, inflation, natural disasters, and policy failures.




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