Retailer Support for Consumer to Consumer

I was not going to post about consumer-to-consumer markets again, but one of my favorite brands has just set up a re-sale site.

M.M. LaFleur is what would happen if I moved to New York City and started a fashion company along with clones of myself, knowing that my consumers are me as a corporate lawyer. I have bought a few pieces from them that I like and wear to work. Even though I don’t plan to buy from them again soon, I enjoy getting their promotional emails.

I’m not a cynic, not when it comes to M.M. LaFleur or re-using consumer goods. I like that they are giving people a chance to reduce waste by getting unwanted clothes to new users. What they are doing is also good business. M.M. LaFleur is making it easier to clear out your closet and offering to pay you in credits to buy new stuff from them.

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